The Vieques Gun and Sporting Clays Club is located at Hacienda La Hueca, on the southwest side of the Island. The Club was the lifelong dream of its founder, local businessman Richard Rivera. Many people know Mr. Rivera from his past ownership of a successful restaurant, Richard’s Cafe, as well as the car dealership he owned and operated for many years. 

When Mr. Rivera was granted the land lease by the Municipality of Vieques, he began the lengthy and expensive process of clearing areas for use as a gun club. Mr. Rivera spent approximately two years on a part­time basis on a bulldozer and using other heavy equipment preparing the many acres of landscape. 

Today the Club has an 18­station sporting clays course, a 5­stand sporting clays course, a skeet course and a pistol range. A rifle range will be added in the near future. 

The Club is a private club which is also open to the public, and it welcomes all levels of shooters. If you have never held or shot a gun, we will provide a host to give both safety instruction and practical instruction in hitting the clay pigeons.